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CAG Capital

CAG Capital Pty Ltd is part of the Central Advisory Group who has clients from Asia and all states and territories in Australia. Whilst the main business of the Central Advisory Group is Accounting and taxation services in Australia, CAG Capital Pty Ltd focuses on providing services to high net worth individuals in relation to wealth management, operational structure set ups, debt and capital restructuring and on-going professional and support services.

We are well positioned to assist Asian and foreign businesses with mergers and acquisitions and debt and capital structures to achieve superior financial outcomes based on our areas of experience and business alliances.

CAG Capital provides financial services to high net worth clients in the following areas:

  • General Investment Advice
  • Securities
  • Life Insurance
  • Management Investment Schemes
  • Superannuation

We value client relationships and strive to win client’s trust and develop and maintain client’s trust in the medium to longer term. We recognise that to be a trusted adviser, client’s trust is an essential component in the adviser – client relationship.

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