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Tax Planning

It is your obligation to pay tax correctly on time, which gives you the right to arrange your financial affairs so as to keep your tax at a minimum level. These effective arrangements are often referred to as Tax Planning or 'Tax-effective' Investing. Tax Planning is legitimate and law-abiding when you do it within the letter and the spirit of the law. In line with experienced tax lawyers, we are specialized in legitimately minimize your tax liability by setting up a proper structure and applying beneficial tax rules to the year-end returns.  Setting up a proper structure is a critical step in redistributing the income stream to reduce the income tax and/or capital gain tax when selling the property or business. Refer to Business entity Set up for more details. Yearly Tax Planning is beneficial for your tax position. For businesses, it is recommended to be commenced around March each year based on analysis on your up to date financial statements as well as March Business Activity Statement (BAS) and projected income for the rest of the year. After the information analysis process, our tax consultants will provide strategies and action plans to assist you legally minimize your tax liabilities.